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Young Visionaries League

Memphis Urban League Young Professionals' Leadership Program

Program Executive Manager: Amira Randolph


Target Audience

The Young Visionaries League is designed specifically for college Sophomores & Juniors who have been awarded MULYP scholarships and are based in Memphis, TN.  This program is a 6 month commitment 

YVL Program Graduates' Testimonials

"[This program] made me more self aware in how I show up and mindful of the way I'm perceived in the leadership aspect. I [also] took away that I can be multidimensional in my leadership." - Kalemah Taalib-Din, YVL Class of 2022

"I learned more about different communication styles. It's more than just giving, it's also about [learning how to be open to] the receiving. With YVL, I learned how to receive things differently." - Cordero Slater, YVL Class of 2022

"I'm extremely grateful for the financial assistance, general leadership knowledge & the opportunity to build a team/interpersonal relationships with the Young Visionaries League leadership program." - Aqiyl Randolph, YVL Class of 2023

"I really enjoyed the [Servant Leadership In Action] project at the end. It felt like a positive challenge. I learned alot about communication." - Tranecia Suell, YVL Class of 2023

The Young Visionaries League’s mission is to support & guide the development of young leaders in Memphis, TN. We center our program on three aspects: social emotional growth, civic engagement development & servant leadership in action. Our focus is to release versatile, polished and progressive young leaders into the community who are ready to incite change.   

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