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MULYP Committees

Civic Engagement

The Civic Engagement committee organizes members and young professionals in support of the policies, programs, and positions of the National Urban League.  This committee works  to develop and implement  actions on civic & social issues relevant to civil rights, racial justice, civic engagement, political engagement, and more.  This committee plans and executes events such as voter registration drives, petition signings, and candidate forums.

The Civic Engagement committee allows members who are interested in civic engagement and public policy issues to organize, implement informative programs and initiatives to spread awareness about civic & social issues that affect our community.



Financial Literacy & Empowerment 

The committee  develops and implements programming that provides educational awareness surrounding financial health ranging from: personal finance &wealth management, homeownership, and general healthy consumer habits. The Financial Literacy & Empowerment committee also supports programming thats supports entrepreneurship development.

Community Service

The community Service committee is focus on projects designed to positively impact and shape the Greater Memphis community by providing different monthly opportunities for members to get involved. The overall purpose of the committee is to give back to the community.

Under the Community Service committee, members plan and participate in various monthly activities, such as voter empowerment and registration drives, blanket and food drives, and national disease awareness walks. The committee also works with local community based organizations to implement and assist with their initiatives.

Personal and Professional Development

The Personal and Professional Development (PPD) Committee provides a forum where members from various professional backgrounds can share and exchange ideas, both professionally and personally. Though an array of programs and events, members discuss topics such as financial planning, entrepreneurship, and career enhancement skills. 


The Personal & Professional Development committee empowers members to plan events, workshops, seminars, and monthly general body meetings that enhance members’ personal and professional development. This committee provides members the opportunity to plan and execute informative and exciting meetings for the general body and guests, while sharpening their event/meeting planning skills.

Health Literacy & Advocacy 

The Health Literacy & Advocacy committee develops and implements programming that provides educational awareness surrounding health inclusive of mind, body, and spiritual health. The Health Literacy & Advocacy committee will establish community partnerships to further the National Urban League health goal which is to continue to seek more viable access to qualify and affordable healthcare solutions.

Youth Mentoring & Development

The Youth Mentoring & Development Committee focuses on the development of the youth mentoring programs, general youth development and education development. The Youth Mentoring & Development Committee Chair shall serve as a liaison to Memphis Urban League(MUL) staff to create and promote programming that will serve the mission of MUL and MULYP with regards to youth development.

Social & Cultural Events

The Social and Cultural Events Committee shall coordinate social and cultural activities for the MULYP. This committee shall also be responsible for logistical implementation and general assistance with coordination of any MULYP/MUL social or networking activities.

Public Relations 

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for disseminating all information regarding MULYP and the organizations events, programs, and other endeavors. This committee shall also be responsible for strengthening the presence of MULYP in the local Media, greater Memphis community, and Southern Region, NULYP, and NUL movements. The Public Relations Committee is also responsible for chronicling MULYP history, developing media Relations, managing web and newsletter content, building a presence on social media outlets, leading the efforts of organizational branding and marketing, and ensuring the MULYP mission and vision is consistently and creatively communicated to it public. 

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