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Coming Soon: The YP Experience

We’re excited to be launching own MULYP blog, The YP Experience, in 2019. This blog is meant to share the unique experiences of young professionals in Memphis or from Memphis that have a story to tell or opinion to share for writers of all levels.

What our blog is not is a gossip column or blog to share Who wore it best? Why you think men/women are trash? No thanks! MULYP is not the place for that. We also will not be publishing prose, poetry or fictional works.

Guest Blog with MULYP

Want to submit a guest blog to MULYP?

We prefer full drafts on the first pitch so we can get an idea of your writing style and ability to build a readable narrative.Keep it light! Even when the topic is heavy, we want to see the inspirational takeaway.

Preferred Length

A great length for our blog is between 400-600 words for editorial pitches and 600-900 words for personal essays.

Preferred Topics

  • Financial Empowerment

  • Identity (race, gender, sexuality, disability, intersectionality, etc.)

  • Health: Mental, Emotional, and Physical ( sex/love and relationships in every sense of the word; body & body image)

  • Family and parenting;

  • work, money and career;

  • Great stories about unique life experiences

Submission Requirements & Tips

Put your proposed title in the subject line - keep it snappy and eye catching. Include a blog outline and submit the blog copy in the body of the email. Our team will review your submission and notify you of next steps upon review.

You don't have to be a professional writer or blogger to submit a piece. You can submit a one time blog or become a regular contributor. We would love to see how well your writing does with our audience before we bring you on as a regular contributor.

If you would like to be a regular contributor please submit your first blog as outlined above and attach additional blogs/writing samples as an attachment. The blog title should be the name of the attached document and the outline and copy should be included in the document.

Send your submissions to

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