Advisory Leadership Council Positions 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) in a leadership role. Below is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of each open role on the Advisory Leadership Council. 


Community Service Chair
The Community Service chair is to lead the committee in supporting MULYP's service initiatives by connecting young professionals to volunteer opportunities at the Urban League as well as serving as a hub for members to learn about other service opportunities within the local community. Service opportunities include but are not limited to: education and youth empowerment, economic empowerment, health and quality of life empowerment, civic engagement, and civil rights & racial justice empowerment.
Civic Engagement & Advocacy Chair
The Civic Engagement & Advocacy chair is to lead the committee in coordinating all organizational efforts to increase civic knowledge, participation, and activism. The civic engagement committee is charged to encourage young professionals to participate in civic engagement activities and initiatives, to engage in local politics and with local elected officials, and to stay informed on the legislative agenda of the National Urban League and National Urban League Young Professionals.



Financial Literacy & Empowerment Chair

The Financial Literacy & Empowerment Chair will develop and implement programming and events that provide educational awareness surrounding financial health ranging from personal finance & wealth management, home ownership, and general healthy consumer habits. The Financial Literacy & Empowerment Chair will also support programming that impacts the development of entrepreneurship.

Social & Cultural Events Chair 
The Social & Cultural Events chair is to lead the committee in developing and coordinating unique opportunities for young professionals to meet and share experiences within the Greater Memphis community, such as special events, parties, networking events, and much more. This committee is charged to actively seek partnerships, and opportunities in the Memphis area and beyond that speak to the tastes of our membership and managing all event logistics.
Public Relations Chair

The Public Relations Chair will lead a committee responsible for disseminating all information regarding MULYP and the organization's events, programs, and other endeavors. The Public Relations chairs will also be responsible for strengthening the presence of MULYP in the local Media, greater Memphis community, and Southern Region, NULYP, and NUL movements. The  Public Relations chairs are also responsible for chronicling MULYP history, developing media Relations, managing web and newsletter content, building a presence on social media outlets, leading the efforts of organizational branding and marketing, and ensuring the MULYP mission and vision is consistently and creatively communicated to it public.
Youth Mentoring & Advocacy Committee Chair
The Youth Mentoring & Advocacy Committee Chair is to lead their committee to provide services to increase academic achievement and enhance life and leadership skills through programming and events with community partners.  It is the goal of the committee to actively engage this young talent base in the work of MULYP. One of the primary goals of this committee is to work with the youth of the Greater Memphis
 region to build community ambassadors and develop a mutually beneficial relationship between the MULYP and our city's youth. 



The Treasurer will collect and receive all money due or belonging to MULYP. He/she will receipt and deposit all of the organization’s money in a bank account designated by the Executive Committee in the name of MULYP. A copy of all deposits and checks should be accounted for and reported on a monthly basis to the CEO or CFO or his/her designee of the Memphis Urban League, Inc. along with a copy of the bank statement and financial statement. Financial records will at all times be open to inspection by the members of the Memphis Urban League and MULYP, and the Treasurer shall report at every meeting of the Board of Directors, the condition of the organization's finances and every item of receipt or of all money received and expended during the previous fiscal year. The books will be open to an audit at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall report on an annual basis the condition of the organization's finances to the general body through a formal meeting or written financial report. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for the development of an annual operating budget to be completed and approved by members of the Board of Directors by January 31 of each calendar year. 



The parliamentarian will prescribe procedures of protocol by Roberts Rules of Order for all meetings of the Executive Committee and the MULYP General Body subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The Parliamentarian will develop standard operating procedures for the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to adhere to as they conduct business and meetings.

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