Advisory Leadership Council Positions 

Thank you for your interest in joining the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals (MULYP) in a leadership role. Below is a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of each open role on the Advisory Leadership Council. 

Financial Literacy & Empowerment Co-Chair

The Financial Literacy & Empowerment Chair will develop and implement programming and events that provide educational awareness surrounding financial health ranging from personal finance & wealth management, home ownership, and general healthy consumer habits. The Financial Literacy & Empowerment Chair will also support programming that impacts the development of entrepreneurship.

Community Service & Advocacy Co-Chair 
The Community Service & Outreach Committee will develop events and partnerships that foster community service of MULYP members. The Community Service & Outreach Committee Chair shall serve as a liaison to Memphis Urban League (MUL) staff to create and promote events that serve the mission of MUL and MULYP. The community Service & Outreach Committee Chair shall also keep an accurate account and log of the community service hours worked by members of the Memphis Urban League Young Professionals.
Public Relations Co-Chair

The Public Relations Chair will lead a committee responsible for disseminating all information regarding MULYP and the organization's events, programs, and other endeavors. The Public Relations chairs will also be responsible for strengthening the presence of MULYP in the local Media, greater Memphis community, and Southern Region, NULYP, and NUL movements. The  Public Relations chairs are also responsible for chronicling MULYP history, developing media Relations, managing web and newsletter content, building a presence on social media outlets, leading the efforts of organizational branding and marketing, and ensuring the MULYP mission and vision is consistently and creatively communicated to it public.
The Historian keeps a record of MULYP’s historical and current events and programs. This role maintains the archives of MULYP accomplishments at-large as well as the accomplishments of general membership. This officer collects items such as pictures and news article/media spotlights about the organization at-large and its members. The historian also assists the President in the development of the mandatory NULYP awards package submission.


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