Teaching Fellow

Believe Memphis Academy Charter School

As a Teaching Fellow of Believe Memphis Academy Charter School (“Believe Memphis Academy” or “the School”), this person will ensure every scholar receives high quality of supports and instruction delivered every single day. The Teaching Fellow is an individual who is committed to our Mission and desires the opportunity to develop their teaching and curriculum knowledge in partnership with a Literacy Teacher, leading a mixture of small group interventions, supporting the general instruction, and getting opportunities to lead whole-class instruction. Through a partnership with Relay Graduate School of Education, Teaching Fellows enroll in a 2-year program to earn their teaching certification and Master of Arts in Teaching. Believe will pay for the cost of enrollment as long as Teaching Fellow fulfills all commitments to the school and remains in good standing within the program.


The Teaching Fellow will report directly to the Director of Curriculum & Instruction or Designee, receiving regular feedback and coaching around his or her instructional, curriculum and leadership capacity.

Visit www.believememphisacademy.org/join-the-team to complete your application. 


Person of Contact: Danny Song

Person of Contact Email: dsong@believememphisacademy.org

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